Thursday, September 18, 2008

a dedication.

he said;

they say you don't know know know
what you got til' what u got is gone
yeah i like such and such yo alot
but the feelings not as strong
we were like 2 birds
that were able to fly
i try to pick the right words to say to the sky
somedays i would try but wasn't able to cry
i never been good at sayin goodbye
i take a deep breath when the times is hard
when i reminisce over u, my god
i spent many years tryna be the heartthrob
i guess it's only right that i got my heart robbed
the scent of a room that reminds me of u
a hint of perfume it remind me of u
take a look at the moon it remind me of u
hope the stars and the gods
align me and you
.............girl u changed my forever.

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