Thursday, August 21, 2008

what is this world coming to?

Looking at these videos makes me sick. I can't believe a parent in their right mind would let there children act in such a way but to top it off RECORD it and POST it on the damn internet.

The parents of these CHILDREN need an assbeating themselfs. What type of mother are you and why on god's green earth would you want your child to say and do such things... And you boast about it, you think it's cute? Already raising your child to be a slut, a ho, disrespected by men, used, and abused. This is only where this behavior is leading up to. It sickens me that there are parents in this world that can look at this and see nothing wrong with it. Being a mom I can't image seeing my child act out in such a way or even my neieces or nephews. As a grown women I don't dance nor talk this way.

God help us all, this is what are future looks like?

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