Friday, August 15, 2008

Wal-Mart Anti-Obama

Wal-Mart Urges Employees Not To Vote For Barack Obama

Dozens of employees from several states working at the giant chain have come forward to say that at recent meetings of store managers and department supervisors they were urged to vote for John McCain and not Barack because of his stance on labor issues. According to The Wall Street Jornal:

The Wal-Mart human-resources managers who run the meetings don’t specifically tell attendees how to vote in November’s election, but make it clear that voting for Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama would be tantamount to inviting unions in, according to Wal-Mart employees who attended gatherings in Maryland, Missouri and other states.

“The meeting leader said, ‘I am not telling you how to vote, but if the Democrats win, this bill will pass and you won’t have a vote on whether you want a union,’” said a Wal-Mart customer-service supervisor from Missouri. “I am not a stupid person. They were telling me how to vote,” she said.

Labor issues…telling employees who to vote for….Wal-Mart is becoming the NEW Denny’s.

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