Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Chillin in my living room, unwinding from work, forgetting the stress, issues, drama, ect ect, getting lost in the movie.

movie of choice: SHAG

One of my favorite summer movies is Shag, a some what of a chick filc from 1989 starring Phoebe Cates, Bridget Fonda, Annabeth Gish and Page Hannah as four friends off to Myrtle Beach in 1963 to have one last wild time before one of them gets married. The title of the film refers to the dance that everyone is doing that summer, although its alternate meaning kind of fits, too.

This movie is not cinematic brilliance, but it's a great watch, with great music, dancing, one liners, and good laughs. I think everyone should watch it atleast once you will learn to love the 1960s if you already don't.


If you want to buy the movie or soundtrack, go here.

Take a peek.

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