Tuesday, August 26, 2008

out patient.

After a day long of prepping for this with, I've glad it's over.
Sunday I spent the whole day on a "clear" liquid ONLY diet.
Once I got off work I had to drink 4L of this disgusting drink that made me gag. It was horrrrrrible, to say the least.
Weird part was as much as I was drinking, I felt so dehydrated!!!!

The next morning I woke up to prepare for my procedure.

11am I got to the surgery center, where I was taken back, did all the normal routine stuff then placed in my room and to get into yet another hospital bed. yuck!

Staring to the ceiling, freezing cold, and then my nurse came in to explain and go over everything, again....put an IV in my arm, which hurt like no body's business and splashed blood all over because she hit a big vein.. then I was wheeled off to get put under.

The drugs they gave me were pretty amazing cause the last thing I remember was my doctor talking me, he placed oxygen tube in my nose which smelled like a brand new shower curtain, and then begin to put the good stuff in my IV and that's it....

Work up in recovery, with a male nurse telling me did I feel ok and could I hear him. From that point I was in and out for the rest of the day.... don't remember much of anything else.

It was not at all as bad as I anticipated it to be.

Now one down one more to go.

september 2, 2008.

Besides from soreness, ugly bruising where my IV was, and extreme tiredness I'm go to go, after all I am back at work...... I know you’re not surprised!!

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