Tuesday, August 05, 2008


everyone speaks a lot about it these days.
That cycle that comes back to bite you on YOUR ass when you do wrong to someone else.
That beautiful thing that brings revenge to those who have hurt you

They said it’s a bitch!

Well you can only say it is if you had some karma come back at you, at one time or another. It is to see your fate based upon your actions...
laying in your bed, after you made it

Some people rely on karma to handle their revenge and hate for a person rather then seeking out their own methods. And why get your hands dirty when Mother Nature or the universe has your back, right?

Your not always around to see the karma take place, it’s more of a faith type deal, you have to believe that, that particular person will, “reap what they sole”, “get what’s coming to them”, etc ect. If your lucky you’ll be around and be a witness to it and have the pleasure to say, “that’s what you get, payback or KARMAs a bitch!!! hahaha. HAHA.”

On a personal note I have to say that I do in deed believe in Karma and that everything you do in this life comes full cycle. It’s nice to get to see it but then again it’s kind of like that Lilly Alley song SMILE. “when I see you cry, I feel bad for a while, but then I just smile…”

But then again Lilly did her own karma in that video lol.

Either way people (you) will get what’s coming to them, no point attended.

Peace. or in this case KARMA

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