Thursday, August 07, 2008

In the eyes of a King.

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Curtiss King
To put it simple Curtiss King is one hell of a fly musical
equation. One part in his fluid delivery dripping of
relentless swagger (numerator) and one part genuine
passion, energy, and home grown honesty (Denominator).
Depending on who you ask some may say his music is an
inproper fraction, because after all who in their right mind
fuses Hip Hop lyrics with New Wave Synths, Electronica
rhythms, and 80s pads...oh yeah....
and self produces that madness?

Meet Mr. King....

Born under the guidance of a classical pianist mom
and a College University Professor pops, one could
say Curtiss King was destined to be a bit different.
Raised on everything from Earth, Wind, and Fire to
Wham! Duran Duran to NWA. So at no point should
one let Mr. King's 90s fashion, base heavy tunes,
and soulful compositions fool them.....This is not
your older brother's average rapper. Curtiss King
isn't what you think he may and is always what you
never expected.

In the truest fashion of going against the grain in both
his business ventures and work as a musician Curtiss King
is setting himself up to be a major problem for the industry.
And now with his recent signing to the independent label
Rocstarr Entertainment, he is now part of a team all with
the same goal in mind: Complete Billboard chart and
Radio station domination.

With 7 albums to his credit and countless hits under his
23 year old belt, Curtiss King is indeed closer to conquering
what he set out to take over. Let Em Know!!
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the real deal

his beats are tempting, his lyrics are moving, his vocals are out of control, & PLUS he is tasty eyecandy
I love this man and his dope ass music

peep him.

next showing.

keep up with the king; blog

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Check out this video: Curtiss King - Bright Lights


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Curtiss King said...

Thank You Luv....the support is undeniable...