Monday, August 04, 2008

forward that.

a week and no call or check up.
it's mind bottlin' how you think you can jump in and out of my life
how you figure that I'll continue to leave the door unlocked
it's funny how each time you come back, you act as if no time has passed at all...
like if you didn't say I'll get right back
and here you coming running two weeks later
this game is old and weak
and that's how my feelings have grown; old & weak
I can't keep loving a man that don't belong to me
I gotta let go and everything that ties us together
because your taking up all my time and energy
on something that shouldn't and wont ever be
I can already picture every word your gonna pitch to me
tryin and preachin to get me to stay
in the runt, love of a game
but let's face the facts
your not man enough to do the acts
that's required to hold me here
so I gotta get me in gear
and cruise on out of here
because me waiting on you, I'm bound to lose
so this time don't stay away for a week or two
don't MIA for months at a time
just leave and this time stay gone
don't look for me, don't ask for me
save your letters
forget my number
don't drive by
just keep pushing
you've lost the best thing that you'll try to replace for the rest of your life...

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