Saturday, August 16, 2008

FNMTV Premieres.

After watchig FNmtv this morning I was inspired to blog what I thought about the videos that premiered on today's show and as always give my opinion.

first up. the hottie himself Travie of Gym Class Heroes hooked up with the Dream (great choice) to put together an off the chain beat and hook.

peep this

Once again this is a change from their norm, this track is a little bit more hiphop then they are use to. But overall I think this song is popin' and the video is well done but I always love all their videos. But for some reason Travie looks a bit cracked out these days, maybe lack of rest....?? During an interview portion that was pre-recorded, he seemed a little offish while he was talking. He also mentioned his girl kissing gf Ms. Perry and how is happy he found the right cookie, "a sugar cookie with pink spinkles".

followd with the stunning Solange premiering her newest track, Sandcastle Disco. I talked about her a couple of days ago and how her sound is so amazing and different. She really is fresh and I'm diggin on this new song of hers. She continue to shows that her and Beyonce are completly two different women with two different sounds and directions.

turn up your speakers for this one folks.

I found this video to be hella creative and real different from all the other BS that's out right now. She looks amazing and her outfit choices are on point! During the interview portion on the show she goes on to tell Pete that she came up with the concept of this video as well as directed it. Damn, thats out of control. She did an amazing job, she on her wayyyy yo!

the game with none other then Lil Wayne
I'm not a huge game fan, I'll admit that but honestly when I heard this track I instantly knew it was a hit, not just cause it feat. lil Wayne but because these lyrics are madd refreshing and bone chillin. Game put much heart into these lyrics and beat is out of control. The chours alone is enough to make this song hit gold.

peep this NOWWWWWWWW

The video goes excellent with the song and I love the fact that it's real life shit and not glamourizing the "hood", he is cracking open the truth to these kids who think they are bangin out here on the street to what life on the street really is! Much respect and props for this one.

Video Of The Year
Pete also announced the nominees for Video of the year and can we say I was extremly disgusted...who really picks these things... I mean really did we not do better then Briteny Spears and Jonas Brothers this year... wow!! Here are the nominess for video of the year:
-The Ting Tings
"Shut Up and Let Me Go"

-Britney Spears
"Piece of Me"

-Pussycat Dolls
"When I Grow Up"

-Jonas Brothers
"Burnin Up"

-Chris Brown

woooooow! looking at this list again is pretty damn depressing and makes me think what have this world come too... lol I truly feel the only one worthy on this list is mr. Brown I love the forever video and the song and him. Is it the best of the year I don't think so but is it the best on this wrack ass list of crap YES! I don't think I'll be tuning into MTV awards this years just like I haven't in a couple of years now, it's like teeny booping pop crack is taking over the world and MTV lol.

for now
that's all folks

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