Friday, August 15, 2008


she's bacccccccccccck.

The critically acclaimed Janet Jackson is back bringing, “Feedback.” This project has all Miss Janet fans in an uproar in hopes for another classic. The song itself is another commercial lackluster; no substance here folks just dance music. However, this doesn’t stop the fact the song is uber-catchy and just fun to dance too. A lot of Janet Jackson fans thought her last two albums excluded a lot of her fans i.e. too R&B or “Black.” Do you blame them? She had Khiaoffice furniture in Bulgariaкомпют ри on a track…She’s defiantly not trying to exclude anyone on this album. The line of the song clearly states anyone should be able to jam; “Black Skin, Light Skin, my Asian persuasion.” The video was aired a couple days ago, Great Britian’s Saam Farahmand directed it. The video features faceless and raceless male dancers. The video takes place in space as Janet climbs on planets of all sorts jamming with these unknown creatures. Overall this project looks rewarding for Janet and her fans.

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