Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm 23 and ready to be free....

FREE of;
pain, hurt, neglect, negativity, drama, loneliness, unworthiness, sadness, & hate.

READY to be F R E E .

Away from you where you can't haunt me, torment me with your greed and selfishness.

I'm letting go, for you, I'm saying goodbye, without you
don't look for me, I wont be there

you knew this day was coming, and now here it comes
without trail, unsure, or rewind
let's just kiss and say goodbye

for what it's worth, I'll always love you
but I choose to be UN in love with you
because you can't chose me
and stand alone
on your own two feet
so I must just let you be

in your miserable existence
you'll continue to get lost in the dream of us

i was at your figure tips
and your lost it all

cause I'm 23 and running from it all.

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