Wednesday, July 30, 2008


hep·a·ti·tis n. pl. hep·a·tit·i·des
1. Inflammation of the liver, caused by infectious or toxic agents and characterized by jaundice, fever, liver enlargement, and abdominal pain.

a million and two thoughts running threw my head
with so much internal pain
makes it hard to make it threw the day
i'm sicker then I thought but somehow already knew
can't believe this shit the doctor just told me
not yet ready to share the grief and despair
dont know how ill tell you are girl isnt coming
although im sure you really dont care
you weren't even there
apparently my body can't handle or nurture you
so it's only a matter of days
as for me they still dont know
what I need or how they will fix it
can't do or have anything I like or makes me happy, drinks, spice, etc etc
there goes my life
although Im not so hungry and suddenly wine dont taste so sweet
my insides have become useless to me
how can this be happening
words can't describe what i'm feeling
or how empty i am
but from all this, I know...

god has a plan...

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