Monday, June 16, 2008

lets manifest baby.

I want to grow mentally, physically, emotionally with you
I want to across every sea & desert with you by my side
I want to reach new levels of triumph and success with only one partner to thank

Baby let's manifest
Rise above this material BS
And become one

our bodies intertwine
our souls connected
our eyes locked in
and our hearts work on the same beat

baby let's just manifest and leave
Everything and everyone else behind
we never have to look back on what was
but look at all our possibilities

baby let's manifest
put our love to the test
and do away with the rest
I don't need to another I already found the best
with you my souls at rest
I don't have to do no searching
I just want to manifest

in your love
in the warmth of your body
as you hold it close to mine
the fire that burns
with never ending passion
the moistness of your lips pressed against mine
as your hand anchors my head
and you cress my back
I couldn't ask for more
only that
you never let go
and we continue this manifestation

baby let's manifest.

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